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CREATE OR DESTROY…. How do you describe a brand that encompasses so many things?

Simple… CoD is a lifestyle. Life takes so many twists and turns. Most of us follow many paths before we are lead down one. That one could even branch out at some point and lead towards many others. So why focus on such minor details. I don’t want a brand for a certain type of person. I don’t want a brand that only a niche market will enjoy. I want a brand that is worn for every situation, for every type of person and never single out anyone. So how should I describe the brand? Comfort, Crisp, Cool and Always Nostalgic. That is the tagline right there!

As of now Create or Destroy acts as a hub for artists to come and go and do business with. Opportunities are everywhere. If your art is smart, edgy, cool, cute, funny or just plain good than you came to the right place. I will find a way for your art to be seen, for your voice to be heard. My love for art always finds a way.

One day my passion for this brand will be too wild to contain. It will become a fashion line. Until the day I can focus solely on the brand for now CoD will remain a prominent force in Licensed and Non-Licensed apparel.


Name: Steven Gelenter
Telephone: 551.206.3742


Steven Gelenter emerged into the world circa 1983 in Hackensack NJ. As a youngin’ had many interests and hobbies. Was and still is a ninja, athlete, hyperactive, anime – comic – movie fanatic and most importantly a doodler. He doodled everywhere. Mostly Simpson characters but more importantly transforming the world around him with his creativity. Took creativity into the approach of every aspect of life. Whether it was solving problems, navigating obstacles of life, personal training, marketing, science, sports and art. Now as a career in fashion has emerged he became an art director, license manager, brand identity creator, young talent mentor and a budding well rounded designer.

Ever battling the hordes of life obstacles there is no stopping the train that is Steven Gelenter once it is in motion. When he puts his mind to something it will happen. The most important thing to remember when working with him is you will get his full attention, loyalty and respect.

If you are an artist at any stage in your career Steve can help you find your focus and obtain all of your goals. Do you want a brand? Do you want to make a living creating art? Do you want to get into licensing? Do you want inside tips and training on how to even start a life that you will enjoy and be healthy? Just contact Steve.

Want to hire Steve for a design project? He gladly accepts all challengers. He can tackle anything and any deadline. Want to give him a shot? Then contact the info above!


1983: Birth
1983-1999: Adolescent Life
1999-2002: High School- 4 Varsity Letters and awarded most Artistic
2002-2006: Rowan University – Played Baseball, Became an amateur power lifter, Studied Fine Art and specified in Graphic Design. Grabbed an education in marketing, advertising and even snagged a certification in personal training.
2006-2008: Xerox – Marketing and Graphics department.

2008-2009: Calvin Klein – Assistant Designer

20010-20011: Converse then Nomad  – Print Designer for Converse before being bounced around from job to job all the while managing a gym and realizing my career needed focus.

2012 – Onward: Create or Destroy LLC. and Licensed Apparel – Created my very own freelance art company that has budded into a place for artists to collaborate on many different projects from Fashion Apparel, Licensed Work to Patterns and Prints. My day job is a sports licensed apparel and my night job is CoD LLC.


Rowan University: Fine art Degree Specifying in Graphic Design

Fashion Institute of Technology: Apparel and fabric studies

Entire Adobe Suite, Corel Draw, Manga Studio, Point Carre, Quark … etc.